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Information Policy

Information collected: company information (business registration information, website, e-mail, etc.) participant information (phone number, e-mail, etc.), login ID, password, access logs, cookies, IP information, company introduction, and other information indicated in the application form.

Information collected by the organizer and submitted by the registering party will be used for the following purposes: membership, company identification and verification, personal identification and verification, market research and statistics, present and future marketing and advertising, future re-registration. The organizer may ask for additional information for verification purposes and it may refuse registration, membership, or status approval if the registering party does not submit all requested information.

Period of possession: The Secretariat will hold on to this information for marketing (discount offers, etc.) and ease of registration in the future. If the registered party wishes to have this information deleted, it must make a written request through e-mail to the organizer.